Though we proudly provide representation to men and women employed in any type of industry, we are especially committed to representing members of the California Safety community.


Employees of the Department of Corrections daily provide essential services to the State of California. Click here to read about issues specific to CDC employees.


Employees of local law enforcement and firefighting are often the frontline of protection in our communities. Click here to read about issues specific to local police, sheriff and fire departments.


Employees of the California Department of Forestry/CalFire courageously provide services in protection, rescue and first response. Click here to read about issues specific to CDF.

Workers' Compensation Lawyers


Watkins & Watkins is located in Chico, California and specializes in Workers’ Compensation law, providing representation services for cases under the jurisdiction of the Redding and Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards. With over thirty-five years of experience in the field, they are committed to helping injured California workers navigate the often confusing system of employers, doctors, insurers, lawyers, courts and judges.

If you have been injured on the job, it is essential that you be aware and informed of your legal rights and responsibilities before it is too late.

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